Our mission: To eliminate Household Air Pollution from cooking and heating fuel usage.

Dazin provides both fuel & stove combined cooking/heating energy solution for households to save lives, reduce carbon emissions and help rural households out of poverty in Bhutan.

Dazin is a cooperative enterprise operating as part of Happy Green Cooperative in Bhutan.


Cooking Kills!

Around 3 billion people in developing countries still use traditional fuels in open fires for cooking and heating such as firewood, charcoal and animal dung - the way it has been practiced since we discovered fire. Deadly smoke from open cooking fire kills 490 people every hour (4.3 million per year) globally, which is more than AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis deaths combined. (Source: WHO)

Open cooking fires produces black carbon, which is second biggest contributor to climate change. Open fire cooking contributes more black carbon than all the cars and trucks black carbon emissions combined in the world. Dazin's focus area, Bhutan has one of the highest firewood consumption per person globally.

Our Approach

Dazin provides free Fuel Cookies and Smokeless Stoves combined solution to rural households in exchange of forestry wood waste. This collected wood waste is densified into fuel cookies in local factory.

The efficiency of our combined solution allows us to produce fuel cookies in excess compared to the wood waste collected. These surplus fuel cookies are sold in cities to offset the free services provided in rural areas.

Dazin follows an inclusive circular economy model to provide clean, reliable and renewable fuel in Bhutan while reducing greenhouse gases and generating jobs.

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Our Impact


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The Team

Dazin working culture is non-hierarchical, self-managed and radically collaborative. Therefore, rather than presenting a complicated organogram with many levels, we would like to introduce the colleagues of our different circles:


  • D-Prize, USA 2015
  • Merkur Bank, Denmark 2015
  • Swiss Re Social Entrepreneurship Grant, Switzerland 2015
  • Ben & Jerry Join Our Core Award & Ashoka Mentorship 2013
  • Launchpad Denmark (Ministry of Business/Væksthus, Denmark) 2013/14
  • Did you know. . .

    Globally, open cooking fire smoke kills 8 people every single minute, mostly women and children cooking in poorly ventilated kitchens. (Source: WHO)

    Contact Dazin

    We are based in Bhutan and Denmark:

    Happy Green Cooperative, Bldg. No. 47, Gakyi Lam, Chamzamtog, Thimphu (PO Box Number 1771), Bhutan.

    Phone No: +975 7710 2949 (Sangay T. Dorji, Representative)

    BoilingPoint, Moseranden 2, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark.

    Phone No: +45 2127 9110 (Susanne T Nielsen, Chairperson)

    +45 2245 2111 (Peter M Jakobsen, Co-chairperson)

    Dazin is looking for new sources of seed funding to increase its impact.

    Are you a student or newly graduated and want to make an impact? Join our Spark Team! You can send your reasons about ‘Why are you interested in Dazin?’ along with your resume. Write us to Dendup Namgyel, at hello.cookie@dazin.org