Fuel Cookies

Fuel Cookies are smaller size briquettes made by compressing forestry wood waste, which are naturally bounded using a mechanical press without adding any additives to it.

What is Briquetting?
Briquetting is the process of converting low bulk density biomass into high density and energy concentrated fuel briquettes. Large numbers of briquetting facilities are set-up all over the world to replace fossil fuels in the areas located far away from mines. Briquettes of 45 to 90 mm diameter are quite useful in low capacity fixed grate firing installation. Currently we are seeing the demand of briquette rise, as more and more coal fired installations are getting retrofitted to use biomass briquettes.

Use of Fuel Cookies:

  • Substitute to coal/firewood to generate heat in the industrial boilers (Food processing, Tea manufacturers, Brick Kilns, Beverages, Breweries, etc.)
  • Co-firing with coal in industries
  • For cooking purposes replacing firewood/LPG in households, restaurants and institutions (such as schools, collages, etc.)
  • For heating purposes replacing firewood/electric heaters in households and institutions

Advantages of Dazin Fuel Cookies:

Why Dazin Fuel Cookies?

Factors Fuel Cookies Wood/Loose Biomass Coal
Calorific Value (Kcal/kg) 4200-4400 2500-3000 5000-5500
Ash Content 2 to 4% 20 to 25% 20 to 40%
Moisture 8% (Max) 25 to 35% 10 to 20%
Cost Rs./Kcal (per ton) 1.54 1.6 1.6
Wastage/Loss 8-10% 20-25% 15-20%
Actual usable value Rs./Kcal (per ton) after losses 1.69 2.0 1.92
Value for Money (per Rs spent) Best Worst Medium
Pollution/Poisonous smoke No Smoke, No Sulphur Smoke Sulphur, CO, Phosphorous fumes
Efficiency of boiler 75% 70% 75%
Maintenance Normal Fly ash deposit Require regular maintenance High wear & tear
Handling Easy due to packed material Tough, require more areas Tough material